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Glenngraphics has been in business Since 1993 and on the Internet since 1998 - A Trusted Company!
SINCE 1993

The History of glenngraphics

Glenngraphics Safety Posters was founded in 1993 by Glenn W. MacConnell, Jr. in Sugar Land, Texas. Prior to founding Glenngraphics, Glenn was founder and CEO of STC Office Services with office supply companies in Houston, Austin and Dallas, Texas until 1989. STC was started with $600.00 and a used 1959 Volkswagen. The company grew into a multi-million dollar a year Corporation. If you want to know what the "S T C" means and even here at Glenngraphics, it still stands today for "SERVICE TO CUSTOMERS".

Glenn's personality and courtesy towards Customers reflects total honesty and he will do whatever is necessary to satisfy the needs of any customer. That is because Glenn oversees it all - design, prepping company logos that are printed on customers posters, printing the posters, lamination, packaging and shipping. Glenn is always available to answer your questions by email or phone.

Other than his wife and the rest of his family, there are two people that he credits as helping his start in "The Safety Poster Business". The following hardworking Safety Managers helped catapult Glenn into the business - Mr. James A. Hall, Safety Manager (retired) from Brentex Mills in Brenham, Texas, and foremost his greatest mentor and the Best Safety Minded Manager of all, Mr. Ben Walkowiak, Safety Manager (retired) from Unocal Oil in Sugar Land, Texas. Through an immediate friendship, Mr. Walkowiak tutored Glenn and allowed access to Unocal's massive safety video library.

Yes our service is beyond your expectations!

Contact Information:
Glenn MacConnell
611 Chevy Chase
Sugar Land, Texas 77478